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balanced black girl

Balanced Black Girl Podcast is focused on wellness and experiences that empower women of color. This episode was an open, honest conversation about the importance of community, and how we can build more authentic connections and relationships.

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Thin Difference

We’re not used to talking about race. In fact, we’re socialized to avoid talking about it. Maybe we’ll have a factual discussion about civil rights, black history, or the true origin of Thanksgiving. But when it comes to our personal experiences, beliefs, biases, and fears, we steer clear. Just like religion and politics, race isn’t dinner party talk.

That is unless you’re at one of Michaela Ayers’ dinner parties.

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Future for us Assembly

The Future for Us Assembly 2019 brought over 300+ womxn of color professionals together for a full day conference in Seattle, Washington. Watch this intentional goal setting workshop led by Michaela Ayers, Founder of Nourish


Activate World Podcast

Michaela Ayers shares her experiences on diversity and inclusion as a lead with the Diversity Task Force at Payscale, a compensation research company. Goals include teaching people the language needed to talk about inequities and ensuring everyone feels safe to bring their whole selves to the workplace.